Meet The Team




Superdogs Founder & Director

Debbie has been training animals since 1986. Working with animals is her labour of love and she is currently employed at uShaka Marine World as a senior dolphin trainer and show presenter. Debbie is passionate about the ethical training of animals, to ensure a mutually fulfilling relationship with our animal friends. Teaching people about the importance of conservation is one of the many reasons she is so passionate about her career. As a dog lover, dog training has always been a passion of Debbie’s. She has experience in working with “problem” dogs/owners, show dogs, advanced obedience, tracking, agility and protection.






Thobani has lived in the Molweni Township for the last 8 years. Prior to this he lived in Pietermaritzburg. He has 2 little girls, aged 3 years and 5 years. Thobani may have started with humble beginnings, however his skills as an animal trainer have grown to the point where he has been asked to consult internationally. He has even done show business. He has trained dogs to take part in stage shows.






Doggy Daycare Manager 

Chris has always had an affinity with animals, which has led him to keep many species over the years. After finishing his diploma in Graphic Design at DUT in 2007, he has worked as a designer in South Africa and internationally. After being in the same field for many years, he felt that he needed to shift focus to a career that is more rewarding and morally gratifying.






Receptionist & Handler
Ntebo moved from the Eastern Cape in search of better job opportunities, swiftly picking up a job at Superdogs. What started as "just a job" quickly grew into a joyful and passionate career for her and she absolutely loves the dogs! "My love for dogs increases every day. Working or rather playing for Superdogs is a dream come true. A dream I did not even know I had."





























Receptionist & Handler

My name is Relebohile Shozi, otherwise known as Lebo and I am originally from the Eastern Cape. I now live in KZN because of my amazing job at Superdogs where I work with dogs, which happens to be more than a job for me because of the warmth and joy it brings to my heart. My passion for working with animals was discovered by my manager Debbie, and is growing joyfully everyday. I LOVE my job!!